Biosafety Cabinet Testing and Certification

Pills and capsule scatted on the tableCRS offers comprehensive biological safety cabinet testing, certification, decontamination and repair services. Our trained and vastly experienced technicians are authorized by all major manufacturers to perform warranty repair work. BSC testing and certification services are executed in accordance with CRS standard operating procedures (SOPs) which are updated to remain compliant with current industry standards, guidelines and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). CRS offers services for Class I, Class II and Class III BSCs.

Depending on the field application, Class II BSCs are certified on a semi-annual or annual basis. Class II biosafety cabinets are certified to NSF/ANSI 49 and manufacturer’s specifications.

Required tests include:

  • Down-flow velocity profiling
  • Inflow velocity profiling
  • Airflow visualization testing
  • HEPA filter integrity testing
  • Particle level testing
  • Site installation assessment testing including alarm calibration, as applicable
  • Cabinet integrity testing, A1 cabinets only, as applicable

Optional tests include:

  • Light monitoring
  • Noise monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Magnehelic gauge calibration
  • Electrical leakage, ground circuit resistance and polarity testing

Our vast technical knowledge and experience coupled with our steadfast commitment to quality and the highest standards of customer service, provide our clients with reliable, accurate and thoroughly documented biosafety cabinet certification results, ensuring optimal BSC performance, documented regulatory and quality compliance, and minimized equipment down time.

With each service call, CRS offers:

  • Trained technical service of the highest quality
  • Customized and quality-reviewed report documentation.
  • On-line access to your equipment inventory and service records
  • Emergency service support.
  • Exceptional customer service.