#8Cleanroom Services is a full service Testing and Certification company focused on providing today’s cleanroom professionals the support needed to regulate and maintain a stable, productive controlled environment.

Cleanroom Services technicians have gone through advanced training and have been I.A.F.C.A (International Air Filtration Certifiers Association) certified to meet any needs that the customer may have with their cleanrooms and biological safety cabinets. At the same time, our staff continues to research and purchase the industry's most advanced testing equipment, so we can continue to provide the most accurate and efficient testing available.


  • Particle Counts
  • Filter Challenging
  • Leak Tests
  • Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Laminar Flow Work Benches
  • Pressurization
  • Temperature/Humidity
  • Air Balance/Velocity
  • Lighting Level
  • Sound Level
  • Enclosure Integrity Test


  • Facility Air Balancing
  • Filter Repairs and Replacement
  • Motor Repair and Replacement
  • Hood and Cabinet Maintenance
  • Contamination Consulting
  • Decontamination of Bio-Safety Cabinets
  • Cleanroom Modifications and Upgrades
  • On-site Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Contractor Performance Verification
  • Room Air Change Rate Testing

Our cleanroom certification program offers individualized performance evaluations tailored to each projects unique requirements including such specific services as temperature and humidity profile surveys, vibration analysis both mechanical and structural, air quality testing, and precision filter integrity testing (pre-installation bench testing or in-place scan testing) employing Polystyrene Latex Sphere (PSL) filter challenges and completely automated computerized robotic filter scanning systems.  Project reports are prepared with both field and office AUTO-CAD systems accurately and promptly with the aid of interaction between testing instrumentation and interfaced data collection equipment.

Our commitment is not complete until we furnish detailed, compliant documentation on the conditions existing in your cleanroom facility.  Our Certification Reports are meticulously prepared and efficiently organized, to give you easy access to the information you need for evaluation and assessment of your cleanroom facility operational parameters.

Every operational / At Rest / As Built evaluation procedure we perform on your cleanroom and /or clean equipment is included in an all inclusive CRS Cleanroom Performance Evaluation Certification Project Report.  With each report, you are assured of our strict quality standards, attention to detail and accurate cleanroom performance evaluation documentation.

Each CRS Cleanroom Performance Evaluation Certification Report contains a project synopsis.  You get individual performance levels achieved...recommended corrective actions...general observations...and specific room / area findings pertinent to your facility.  Your report will always be furnished in a bound, hard copy format, but is also available electronically in an Adobe Reader format.

Formal Reports detail data on each piece of equipment tested.

Within each Certification Report, information is provided on each individual item of equipment... and include everything from general information, initial results, repairs, final data and conclusions. Included are:

  • Project Synopsis
  • Performance Test Procedure
  • Equipment Data Summary
  • Equipment Identification and Orientation Drawing
  • Individual Account for each Performance Test
  • Statistical Analysis of DataTest Equipment Calibration Certificates
  • Project Summary and Guarantee

Certificate of Compliance

The CRS framable Certificate of Compliance is provided to display next to your Cleanroom and or clean equipment attesting to the independent cleanliness class certification of your facility / equipment.  The Certificate of Compliance proudly signifies the facility / equipment cleanliness classification achieved, date the evaluation was performed and all other information required to clearly identify the facility / equipment.

Our reports truly are second to none.